What to Expect on Your First Ultra Marathon

When you are doing your runs, it is normal to have some expectations on your first ultramarathon. It can go to opposite directions like a targeted traffic on the loose. You can either have an over-anticipation of the event and train harder and better in order to finish the race in record time or be totally discouraged because of different factors like speed, pace, and cadence.


Your first marathon will not be an Amsterdam holiday where you can can relax in cheap hotels. It will actually be a challenge to the mind more than your physical readiness. But whatever you are going through, you must make some good expectations before your run:

It will be exciting

You have waited months for this. All the hard work, all the early morning jogs, and all the huge sacrifices will now come into fruition. You will not run your first ultramarathon. It will be fun. It will be exciting. And it will be nerve-wracking. Although you know the route like an Amsterdam canal tour, you will still feel that the path is longer and tougher as if it's your first time to Amsterdam. Expect that you will feel different emotions before, during, and after the race.

It will be all about youmarathon

Although this is a race where hundreds of participants will join you in running the length of the competition, at the end of the day, it will be a race between you and yourself alone. You will fight the urge to give up. You will say to yourself that you can do one kilometer more. You will push yourself to limits that you never thought possible.

Even when you're inside your room in a hotel in Amsterdam, you'd be planning ahead what to do for you to win the race.  This is what sets winners apart from losers.

You will rely on your strength

Your mind can play tricks on you during the race. This is why training should not be all about the body but also the mind. When you go to your first ultramarathon, you already know that your body can keep up throughout the whole race. You know that you can finish it because you have trained long and hard for this. Trust your body. You have grown strong. You developed your core muscles and made your arms and legs adaptable to the strains of the contest. You can do it. Be confident that your body can sustain the wear and tear of the race.

3 thoughts on “What to Expect on Your First Ultra Marathon

  1. Yes, this is true. I have been racing all my life and I never really mind other people in the competition. It is just about what I can do to improve my time and standing. As long as I finish the race with my health intact, I feel that I did well.

  2. I have never been to a marathon before. But one of the main goals in my bucket list is to join a marathon and train myself hard to achieve it. This article has really helped me boost my confidence and trust in myself. All I have to do now is pick up my running shoes and start training.

  3. I can just imagine the mixed emotions that a runner can have before the start of the race. You can feel your heart pumping, adrenaline rushing through your vein, and you cannot control the smile and excitement for being part of such a grand event in one’s life. You can only hope that you also trained your body to control these emotions.

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