How to Capture Great Fast-Paced Sports Photos

When you are in a game or doing sports yourself, you want to get some snapshots of everything that is happening in there. Your goal, aside from winning and beating the competition, is to capture good photos and videos of the ball game. But often times, you only get blurry images and unstable video captures even if you are using premium service ones. So what do you do?


Go to a ballgame prepared

When you want to get some good photos of a game, you should have a game plan before going into the arena. If you are shooting a basketball competition, then you should prefer to be seated in the place where you can actually get good shots of the game. You need to plan ahead. It is like an itinerary of an Amsterdam city trip tour wherein all the places where you will visit are timed and scheduled.

You can also come early before the ballgame starts. In this way, you can take some nice footages of the players during practice. The arena is not yet packed. Sometimes, you can even get closer to the field.

Use a high-quality gearsports

You can only take good photos and videos of action-packed sports if you have good equipment with you. If you are shooting high-speed races, you can get those telescopic cameras available when you shop online. But if you are doing individual sports like sky diving, skiing, or skateboarding, you should choose compact digital sports cameras like the ones from X-Sports. Their cameras are the best in the industry. You can capture fast movements without any negative effects on the quality of the video or photo.

X-Sports cameras vary in prices depending on the type and purpose of the device. To save money on electronics, you should buy X-Sports items during a sale or when they issue discount voucher codes or coupon codes on products.

Have a checklist

In order to have a portfolio of good shots, you need to have a checklist. Yes, a checklist. Before going to a game, you should already list the types of images that you want the game to have. Try and read the review thread for tips on how to achieve this. Do you want a close up picture of the players? Do you want a photo of the goalie in action? Prepare the checklist and make sure that you are going to do all of them before the game ends.

4 thoughts on “How to Capture Great Fast-Paced Sports Photos

  1. Do you have X-Sports cameras that you can recommend? I want a camera that is easy to set up and captures high-resolution videos. I also want the camera to have a built-in Wi-Fi so that I can automatically upload it to the cloud or to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or video streaming services like YouTube.

  2. I have never thought of preparing a checklist before a ballgame. I am probably a novice photographer because I just go in my car, buy a ticket for a sports game, and shoot everything that I feel is worth taking pictures at. Now that I am aware of this, I might as well try it on my next photo shoot.

  3. I would also suggest surveying the whole arena during the game. You might see a good image of the daughter of a player wearing the team’s colors. Or see fans in the bleachers shouting and cheering their favorite team. A ballgame is not just about the players but the fans as well.

  4. The trick to best capture excellent photos of moving subjects is the shutter speed.

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