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When you want to capture those sports shots in high precision, you only have one true option- X-Sports. If you are taking on huge slopes of mountains, blue skies, or great sea depths, you are sure to have an Amsterdam holiday during your vacation because of the awesome videos and amazing images produced by X-sports products of all the cultural sights.

You can trust X- Sports to make your travels truly memorable. Your movement will not be a hindrance to a good photo. Let cameras adapt to your lifestyle and not the other way around. Record every moment with X-Sports. 

Quality brand

X-Sports is a company that makes the best digital photo and video equipment in the world. From digital cameras, video recorders, and state-of-the-art mobile accessories, X-Sports is the brand of choice for athletes, adventure-seekers, travelers, skiers, swimmers, hikers, trekkers, bikers, skateboarders, skaters, and ballers.


X-Sport Cameras

Rick wanted to make the best product that will capture high-quality photos without compromising the quality of the build of the camera or the ruggedness of the sport. Athletes need to focus on the sport that they are doing. A device that will be snapped on the body and totally forget about it is what X-Sports came up with.

The store

We offer top-notch models that produce great photos at competitive prices. Website visitors can browse our pages and see the number of choices that can select based on their different needs. What you wish to get, we have them all for you. Always check our site for voucher codes and promo codes. We often give spot discounts and coupon codes on products.

Share great photos and videos with your family, friends, and followers. Switch to X-Sports now.

X-Sports founder

The only one who can understand the problems and issues encountered by photographers and videographers during travel is a true-blood adventure junkie. Rick Aster, the founder of X-Sports, knows more than a thing or two about taking risks.

On his 18th birthday, Rick jumped from the tallest mountain in the Netherlands. Later that year, he skydived 15,000 feet off the coast of the Maldives. During his free time, he loves going up the Himalayas, biking along the streets of Paris, or running on the trails of Spain. Adventure is definitely in his blood. No one will doubt that.

Heidi Bijl believes in building trust to website visitors through quality and durable products. Being the marketing director for X-Sports, she truly confident about the products that the brand offers. Whether you are making your way in your Amsterdam canal sightseeing boat tour or taking pictures of animals in the Amsterdam zoo, you are sure to get excellent results from our products.

Heidi Bijl


What Our Customers Say


William Harris

"I love the high definition pictures made by their cameras. I think their digital products offer more than the other brands combined. I will surely get another one for my girlfriend. I will also buy the accessories and other attachments that go with the camera to maximize its features and advantages.”


Sophia Roberts

" To save money on electronics, I opted to buy from this shop online. Was the product worth it? Yes, definitely. The build of the camera is great. The photos captured are even greater. I could definitely use this even on my non-adventurous vacations like Amsterdam canal tours and dinner cruises in Amsterdam. "

Clarissa Wolman

" I bought this product at a discount. I think it was their anniversary sale at that time. Fortunately for me, I got a voucher code that gave me fifty percent less than the retail price! The product itself is worth the amount. I would still pay for the whole price even without the discount."

Christopher Brown

"I love the products that this brand sells, particularly, the digital sports cameras. I am a traveler myself. I like documenting my mountain hikes, bike trails, and my open water swims. Thankfully, I found this brand. Best digital camera ever. I will definitely recommend this brand to my friends and family. ”

Lora Spielberg

"I bought a digital camera from this company as a gift for my dad. He is a thrill junkie. Because I wanted to surprise him, I ordered this while he was on his Amsterdam top sightseeing. The transaction was fast. And the packaging was very stylish. When he received the camera, he loved it!”

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